Ashley Miller-Quarles

Dr. Ashley Miller-Quarles received both her undergraduate and veterinary degrees from the University of Tennessee. She pursued a general, small animal internship at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine after graduation. Her quest for further training led her to Texas Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston, TX where she did a second internship with a focus on internal medicine and critical care.

Dr. Miller-Quarles’ main focus is emergency medicine and treating patients with toxin exposure, fevers of unknown origin, and pets with renal or hepatic disease. She also enjoys providing care for patients that require more intensive care and hospitalization.


I became a veterinarian because I have always been interested in medicine and science. As a child I loved the company of pets and thought there is no better way to combine my interests than to become a veterinarian. There is something so satisfying being able to see my patients go from depressed and ill to happy and wagging tails/purring. It is the moments when I can return someone’s furry family member back to them healthy and whole that makes this job so great.