Kahlina Frey

Kahlina Frey Photo

Dr. Kahlina Frey received her undergraduate and veterinary degrees from North Carolina State University. Before returning to Raleigh, she completed a small animal emergency and critical care internship at the Animal Emergency and Specialty Center in Knoxville, TN.

Dr. Frey's professional interests include emergency medicine, emergency surgery and exotic animal medicine.


I have wanted to be a veterinarian since I can remember and I was determined to not let anything stand in my way. I began working in veterinary medicine as a veterinary assistant when I was 16. I continued to work full time during my undergraduate studies in many aspects of veterinary medicine (large animal, research, small animal, etc). My gears changed during vet school when I learned that I was interested in emergency medicine in particular and I worked as a veterinary assistant at a local emergency clinic full time during the last few years of vet school. I loved it and continued on to an internship that focused in emergency and critical care medicine and on further to work at VSH as an emergency clinician.

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