Kim LoGuidice

Kim LoGuidice Photo

Dr. Kim LoGuidice received her veterinary degree from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. She completed a one year internship in emergency and critical care at the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center in Bridgewater, MA where she worked with specialists in the areas of critical care, surgery and internal medicine. Her interest and experience in critical care led to a staff position in emergency medicine at a specialty practice in Charlotte, NC and then to the VSH. Dr. LoGuidice has been with VSH since January of 2003 and serves as the Director of Emergency and Critical Care Services for our hospitals.

Dr. LoGuidice enjoys all aspects of emergency and critical care medicine due to the variety of cases she sees.  She finds trauma cases challenging and rewarding when she gets a patient through a critical phase then back to a great quality of life. She also has an interest in metabolic emergencies, for example a diabetic ketoacidosis patient or a patient presenting in an Addisonian crisis, as they present a great challenge of balancing fluids and electrolytes, but are also rewarding as we often see improvements in these patients.

What sets VSH apart from other hospitals is our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to patient care. All of our ER DVMs have had additional training through internships or have worked extensively in emergency or critical care settings prior to their hire. Some have even had experience with other specialties and referral hospitals.

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