Nick de Silvia

Dr. Nick de Silvia grew up in Barbados and graduated from St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine in the West Indies. For several years after graduation, he worked as a general practice veterinarian at hospitals in upstate New York and north Raleigh. He completed an internship at VSH and viewed this as a stepping stone to further advance his skills and became a full-time ER doctor in 2011.

Dr. de Silvia’s professional interests involve the underlying hormonal diseases (endocrinology) of the emergent diseases he sees. He is also fascinated by the future growth of regenerative medicine and its growth into the veterinary field.


I became a veterinarian because I am one of those people that even from a young age of 11, I knew exactly what I wanted to be and have been working towards that goal since. I have always loved companion animals and wanted to be able to make a difference in their lives and help both prevent illnesses and more importantly help relieve suffering when they are sick, and through this care, also increase the human-animal bond.