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Our Doctors

Dr. Concannon graduated from the University of Missouri veterinary school in 1987. He followed this training with an internship at the University of Pennsylvania and then a residency in anesthesia and critical care at the University of California-Davis. He is board certified as a Diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Anesthesiology. Since his residency he has held anesthesia faculty positions at the University of California and NCSU schools of veterinary medicine and a research position at Duke University Medical Center. He worked as a full-time emergency clinician for three years after VSH opened and is a founding partner in the hospital. Currently Dr. Concannon serves as the hospital director for the Cary facility.


Dr. Spodnick is a board certified surgeon who was one of the original veterinarians and founding partners at VSH. He earned his veterinary degree from Oklahoma State University in 1985. His work took him to Massachusetts where he practiced in a large general and specialty practice for three years. He completed a surgical residency program at Tufts University and then joined the faculty at the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine, where from 1991 to 1997, he worked first as a clinical instructor and then as an assistant professor of surgery. At VSH, he performs both general and orthopedic surgery and has special interest in oncologic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Spodnick is the Chief of Surgery at VSH Cary.

Dr. Lee, a specialist in surgery, joined VSH in 1999. Dr. Lee graduated from veterinary school at the University of Tennessee and then completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Cornell University. He came to North Carolina to first complete an anesthesia and then surgical residency at the NCSU School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Lee works with all types of surgical patients including those with orthopedic, intestinal, oncologic, thoracic, and neurologic diseases. One of his primary interests is orthopedic disease and his goals involve expanding the range of techniques offered by VSH in this area.

Dr. Cindy Eward graduated in 1996 from the Ontario Veterinary College located in Guelph, Ontario. Her professors thought so well of her that she stayed an additional year to complete an internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery. She moved to Auburn, Alabama and to Auburn University for her surgical residency. Once again she stayed an additional year after the training program ended, and this time she filled an assistant professor position at the veterinary school. Prior to joining VSH in 2005 she worked in Vermont as a surgeon in private practice. Cindy's husband, Will, is a veterinarian and MD with a position at Duke University. In the recent past, they've worked with several VSH patients undergoing tumor resection to evaluate an imaging device being developed by physicians at Duke and engineers at M.I.T. In 2011-2012, she spent a year in Canada and worked at the Central Toronto Veterinary Referral Centre.

No stranger to VSH, Dr. Brian Trumpatori has returned to join the surgical team at VSH's Cary and North Raleigh locations. He previously worked at VSH on a rotation during his residency at NC State's College of Veterinary Medicine, where he also received his veterinary degree. Dr. Trumpatori completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Colorado State's Veterinary Medical Center. He also completed a post-doctoral fellowship in surgery at the Comparative Pain Research Laboratory and Department of Clinical Sciences at NCSU. Brian has advanced our wound care capabilities by introducing negative pressure wound therapy to VSH This is a new technique for the management of acute and chronic wounds which pose challenges to closure and healing. The therapy was developed in the early 1990’s to treat chronic, non-healing wounds such as diabetic ulcers, venous stasis ulcers and pressure sores in humans.

Dr. Elaine Holmes received her veterinary degree from Michigan State where she also completed a general internship at Texas A&M before her surgical residency at the University of Pennsylvania. She obtained her certification and became a Diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Surgery in early 2012. She has a keen interest in progressing the capabilities of the surgical team and was integral in starting weekly rounds and discussions between the oncologists and surgeons as well as among the surgical specialists. Dr. Holmes has a particular interest and aptitude in minimally invasive surgery and has increased the number of patients we have helped through these techniques. Arthroscopic procedures are the main use for our minimally invasive equipment but we are also doing increasing numbers of laparoscopies.

Will Eward


Dr. Will Eward is a rare individual who has a foot in both human and animal medicine possessing both DVM and MD degrees. He received his veterinary degree from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000 and followed that with an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Ontario. After his internship, he returned to Auburn for a clinical fellowship in small animal sports medicine. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Vermont College of Medicine in 2006. Will moved to North Carolina to complete a residency in orthopaedic surgery at Duke University and completed a clinical fellowship in musculoskeletal oncology at the University of Toronto in 2012. He is currently an assistant professor of orthopaedic oncology at the Duke Cancer Institute. Will's medical interests involve reconstructive surgery after tumor removal as well as comparative aspects of surgical oncology between humans and animals. He works part-time at VSH with the surgical and oncology teams to provide unique surgical treatments for our oncology patients. Will provides access to new techniques, equipment, and research studies which is unique to the profession. If his last name is familiar, it's because he is married to Cindy Eward, a long time surgeon at VSH.


Dr. Waddle is one of a small group of veterinarians who hold board certification in two specialties. His specialties are oncology and internal medicine with greater than 95% of his caseload at VSH being oncology patients. Dr. Waddle graduated from The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1981 and spent three years in private practice. He completed an internal medicine residency at The University of Pennsylvania in 1986 and then stayed on for seven years as a faculty member in oncology and internal medicine. In 1993 he came to North Carolina for a faculty position in oncology at the NCSU School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Waddle was in private practice in Durham before becoming one of the founders of VSH in 1997. He is the Hospital Director for the north Raleigh VSH location.

Dr. Ruslander’s primary specialty is radiation oncology, but he is board certified in medical oncology as well. Prior to joining VSH in 2004, Dr. Ruslander had worked primarily in an academic environment with many publications to his credit. He graduated with a veterinary degree from Cornell University in 1988 and started his career as an intern at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Canada. Dr. Ruslander developed an early interest in oncology and he completed a medical oncology residency at the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. He first came to North Carolina in 1992 as a Visiting Assistant Professor at NCSU in the medical oncology department. A desire for continued learning took him to the University of Zurich in Switzerland where he worked as an oncologist and received training in radiation oncology. Dr. Ruslander was on the faculty at Tufts from 1997 to 2000 and then at NCSU from 2000-2004 before joining VSH. Dr. Ruslander is a past president of the Veterinary Cancer Society.

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Karri Miller


Dr. Karri Miller is a Florida native who attended the University of Florida for both her undergraduate and veterinary degree. As residencies have become more competitive through the years, many doctors are completing two years of internship training after veterinary school to increase the chances of getting into a residency program. Dr. Miller first went to the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine for a general internship and then to a private specialty practice outside Washington DC for an oncology internship. She returned to the University of Florida for a combined masters and residency program which she completed in 2009. Dr. Miller worked from 2009 to 2012 in two, small referral practices. Karri spent several weeks at VSH while a resident to gain exposure to radiation oncology and expressed great interest in returning to VSH to be part of a diversified group of specialists.

Critical Care

Dr. Scott Wells joined VSH in October of 2007 to start a weekday critical care service. Scott is a 1999 graduate of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. He spent his first post-graduate year in a general practice before discovering his passion for emergency medicine. Four years of working at emergency hospitals made him realize that he wanted to take his training beyond what he could learn on his own. He decided to move to Boston to take a residency position at the New England Animal Medical Center. This three year residency in emergency and critical care was done under the supervision of critical care specialists and alongside specialists in internal medicine and surgery. The goal of weekday critical care service is to get patients into the hospital quickly and have greater flexibility in responding to the rapidly changing status of very sick animals. Dr. Wells is also the head of the internship program which has been in place since July of 2008.

Emergency/Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Piner is a 2003 graduate of the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She traveled to Portland, Oregon after graduation to pursue an internship at the Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital. Dove Lewis is a unique hospital offering 24 hour emergency and critical care services only. The facility is staffed by interns, emergency doctors, and critical care specialists with the specialists responsible for the overall quality of care and training of the interns. Kim joined VSH in July of 2004.

Dr. LoGuidice graduated from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. She then completed a one year internship in emergency and critical care at the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center in Bridgewater, Mass. where she worked with specialists in the areas of critical care, surgery and internal medicine. Her interest and experience in critical care led to a staff position in emergency medicine at a specialty practice in Charlotte, NC and then to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital. Dr. LoGuidice has been with VSH since January of 2003 and currently serves as the Director of Emergency Services for our hospitals.

Dr. Leigh received her undergraduate degree from Florida State University and followed this with a veterinary degree from Purdue University. Dr. Leigh returned to Florida to complete an internship at Florida Veterinary Specialists (FVS) in Tampa. FVS is a large multi-specialty hospital and her internship rotations included emergency, surgery, and internal medicine. The interns at FVS work closely with criticalists and experienced emergency doctors while working in the emergency service. Sarah started working at VSH in December of 2005.

Amy Melendy


Dr. Melendy is an experienced emergency doctor who graduated from the University of Illinois in 1994. Her experiences after graduation were varied with time spent at both general, academic, and emergency practices. She gained her emergency experience in Rhode Island working at two different hospitals over four years. She worked closely with veterinary specialists to manage the challenging cases associated with referral medicine. Dr. Melendy came to the Triangle area in 2001 and first worked part-time at VSH while pursuing a Masters degree at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is currently employed full-time at our Cary location.

Christine Klippen


Dr. Klippen obtained her veterinary degree from Colorado State University and had some unique medical experiences even before entering veterinary school. She has a BS in nursing and has worked as a nursing tutor and a registered nurse in a pediatric unit at a human hospital. Dr. Klippen has always had a strong interest in emergency medicine and comes to us from San Antonio, Texas where she worked at several locations of the Emergency Pet Centers. She rotated through their three locations which handle emergencies for a large area of south Texas and worked closely with daytime specialists.

Dr. Allen graduated from the University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine although she is a long time NC native. She grew up in Greensboro and Charlotte and completed her undergraduate degree at Duke University. Dr. Allen most recently completed a post-graduate internship program at the Virginia Tech College of Veterinary Medicine. We are happy to bring her back to NC as part of our ER team.


Dr. Anderson comes to VSH after completing an internship at the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine where she spent a good amount of time practicing and becoming skilled in emergency medicine. She received her veterinary degree from the University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine. While still in school, Dr. Anderson taught riding lessons and managed a horse farm honing her communication skills teaching students proper technique and with workers caring for the stabled horses. Although new to the area, Dr. Anderson is quickly discovering the many opportunities North Carolina has to offer.


Jennifer Ottmann


Jennifer Ottmann is a native of Florida and attended Florida State University as an undergraduate. She entered veterinary school at St. Mathews University in Grand Cayman and did her fourth year of veterinary school at the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine. Her post graduate internship in small animal medicine and surgery was completed at Auburn University where her interest in internal medicine led her to work on a project evaluating laboratory techniques used to evaluate urine samples. Jen did a second internship focusing on internal medicine at NCSU prior to joining VSH.

Ashley Miller-Quarles


Dr. Ashley Miller-Quarles came to VSH looking for an environment where she could practice the high quality of care she had grown accustomed to. Ashley completed both her undergraduate and then veterinary degrees at the University of Tennessee. She pursued a general, small animal internship at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine after graduation. Her quest for further training led her to Texas Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston, TX where she did a second internship with a focus on internal medicine and critical care. She was offered an internal medicine residency at Gulf Coast but decided to forgo further training for a position with VSH. We’re fortunate to have ER doctors who have strong backgrounds and experience working with specialty cases.

Lauren Block


Lauren Block is another transplant to the Triangle who after spending time here, decided to come back. Lauren is originally from Massachusetts where she spent her undergraduate years at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She followed her heart and decided to apply to veterinary school at St. George’s University in Grenada. It was quite a move from the U.S. to another country, but Lauren embraced her time and experiences there. Lauren completed her fourth year of veterinary school at the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine and was exposed to VSH during a rotation she did with us prior to graduation. Lauren’s one year internship in small animal medicine and surgery was spent at VCA – Southshore Animal Hospital in Boston. This practice was one of the first private practices to offer specialty services in the northeast.

Isel Del Valle


Dr. Isel Del Valle returns to the Triangle to take an ER position with us. Isel moved to Durham to obtain her undergraduate degree in biological anthropology at Duke. She decided to stay in North Carolina rather than return to her home state of Florida to attend veterinary school. Completion of her veterinary degree at NCSU was followed by a one year internship at a referral & specialty practice outside of Washington D.C., the Regional Veterinary Referral Center. Isel is fluent in Spanish and is originally from Puerto Rico.

Kim Bencivenga


Dr. Kim Bencivenga comes to VSH with a long history of working her way up within the veterinary field. Kim started as a receptionist in a Pittsburgh veterinary hospital and worked for several years in that role eventually having the responsibility to open and close the office. She “graduated” to working as a veterinary assistant in clinical practice and a student research assistant while going to veterinary school at the University of Missouri-College of Veterinary Medicine. Her interests in emergency medicine & cardiology developed as a veterinary student with externships at referral and specialty hospitals in Pittsburgh, PA; Raleigh, NC; and Brooklyn, NY. Kim completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Jake Brown


Dr. Jake Brown is one of several ER doctors who are former VSH interns. Our intern program attracts new veterinarians from across the country who are looking to increase their knowledge base and gain new skills. Jake is a native of New Jersey and attended the College of William and Mary as an undergraduate. He received his veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania - College of Veterinary Medicine prior to his internship with us. The university is located in the middle of Philadelphia and has a busy and well known ER department. The ER exposure at Penn along with externships at several specialty and emergency hospitals convinced Jake to pursue a career in ER medicine.

Amanda Creviston


Dr. Amanda Creviston bucks the trend at VSH by being a North Carolina native. Amanda grew up in eastern NC in Ahoskie which is located in Hertford County. She went to NCSU for her undergraduate degree and worked both as a tutor and a teaching assistant while managing to find time to work in several local veterinary practices. Dr. Creviston continued her studies at NCSU and received her veterinary degree from the College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Creviston worked at a local after-hours practice while in veterinary school where she developed an interest in emergency medicine. Dr. Creviston also completed a post-graduate internship in small animal medicine and surgery at VSH. We liked her so much that we asked her to accept a position as an associate ER doctor after the internship was complete.

Dr. Hosking is a 2011 graduate of Kansas State University and she joined VSH first as part of our intern program. She transitioned from the internship to her current role as an associate ER doctor in July of 2012. Dr. Hosking helps administer and promote our volunteer program. Our volunteers are composed of undergraduate students who are pursuing a pre-veterinary curriculum and they work alongside our emergency doctors and nursing staff.


Nick de Silvia


Dr. Nick de Silvia completed an internship at VSH prior to becoming a full-time ER doctor in 2011. Nick was in the Raleigh area prior to his internship working at a general practice in north Raleigh. He has worked for several years in general practices in both NC and NY and viewed the intership as a stepping stone to further advance his skills. Dr. de Silvia is originally from Barbados and graduated from St. George's University School of Veterinary Medicine in the West Indies. His wife, Julie, is also a veterinarian, who practices locally.

Anita Cecil


Although Dr. Cecil went to the University of California – Davis for her veterinary degree, she grew up in NC and moved back “home” about 4 years ago. She’s always had an interest in emergency medicine since working in an emergency hospital prior to veterinary school and has focused her efforts in that area since graduation. She’s worked at several ER and specialty hospitals in both California and North Carolina. Dr. Cecil also spent some time in general practice immediately out of school and she brings that perspective to her work at VSH.

Internal Medicine

Dr. Hutchins comes to VSH most recently from a residency in veterinary internal medicine at the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine. She has lived locally for many years with her undergraduate degree coming from UNC in Chapel Hill and her veterinary degree obtained at NCSU. She not only completed her residency but her internship at NCSU. This speaks highly of the regard that her colleagues had for her and their wish to continue to work with her over many years. Dr. Hutchins has an interest in GI disease and extensive experience in endoscopy procedures that includes cystoscopy (visualization of the lower urinary tract and bladder via a flexible endoscope).

Similar to Dr. Hutchins, Dr. Mazepa completed her internal medicine residency at the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine. They are a good team and we feel that their existing, close working relationship will benefit the patients that come to the internal medicine service at VSH. Dr. Mazepa is originally from Minnesota and did her undergraduate work at Northwestern University. She took several years after her degree to work first with Americorps teaching elementary school children and then switched to working at a veterinary hospital and dairy farm. She obtained her veterinary degree at the University of Wisconsin and stayed on an additional year to do an internship there. During her residency, she originally had a research focus in the area of gastrointestinal health, but her love of patient care convinced her to pursue a clinical position rather than continue further research training.

Dr. Ashley Martin comes to VSH from Louisiana State University where she completed a residency in internal medicine. Dr. Martin is originally from Louisiana and received her undergraduate and veterinary degrees from LSU only straying to Massachusetts to complete an internship at the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. It’s a testament to Ashley’s work ethic and attitude that she was accepted for a residency at the same school where she did her veterinary training. Ashley is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. She has a tremendous bedside manner which is greatly appreciated by pet owners.

Michael DiCicco


Dr. Michael DiCicco is the newest member of our internal medicine department. Michael grew up in the Chicago area and attended Purdue University where he obtained a bachelor's degree in Animal Science. He worked as a technician in several veterinary hospitals after graduation inculding the Veterinary Specialty Center outside Chicago where he worked in the ICU as well as ER areas. Michael stayed in the midwest to get his veterinary degree which came from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. A one year internship in general small animal medicine and surgery at Cornell University immediately followed. He completed his training with a residency in internal medicine at the NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine. He enjoys all aspects of internal medicine with special interest in infectious diseases, urology/nephrology, and disorders of the gastrointestinal system and liver.

VSH Internship Program

VSH is pleased to offer a post-graduate internship program for veterinarians. The goal is to provide veterinarians with a greater understanding of the practice of veterinary medicine. One third of currently graduating veterinarians are employed as interns, rather than in traditional private practice, with many desiring to pursue residency programs and specialization. The majority of VSH specialists and ER doctors have completed internships, and we recognize our role in helping to train new graduates and raise the level of veterinary care in the profession.

Interns work under the supervision of experienced emergency doctors and board certified specialists in surgery, internal medicine, critical care and medical and radiation oncology. The one-year program is supervised by critical care specialist Dr. Scott Wells. The interns bring enthusiasm to their roles and help VSH doctors stay current on emerging medical trends.

VSH receives applications from across the country with six veterinarians currently in the program.

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Class of 2013-2014

Jen Dobbin, DVM

Texas A&M

Youry Dupre, DVM

Tuskegee University




Mason Oakes, DVM

University of Wisconsin

Preston Smith, DVM

St. George University

Aaron Tolhurst, DVM

North Carolina State University

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