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Medical Oncology

The primary goal in medical oncology is the improvement or maintenance of a good quality of life while diagnosing, treating, and eliminating cancer in our patients.  The main tool of the medical oncologist is drug therapy given in tune with each patient’s needs and your wishes.  It’s as much an art as it is a science.
The medical oncology group works closely with radiation oncology and surgery.  The patient’s needs are best met by a thorough review of the pet’s history; a complete physical exam; and diagnostics to include cytology, biopsy, blood testing and radiography.  All of these bits of information provide pieces of a puzzle.  A plan can be made when these pieces come together.
Many of the chemotherapy patients return regularly for ongoing treatment.  The veterinary nursing staff questions owners about the previous response to medications and the overall health of the pet.  This information will be used to adjust that day’s treatment.  Owners will frequently be able to pick up on subtle changes in their pet’s behavior which we may not notice.

Many chemotherapy drugs are given through a catheter into a vein and can cause complications if they leak outside of the vein.  Our staff are skilled at catheter placement and drug administration because they routinely perform hundreds of treatments a month.

Clinical Research Opportunities

Clinical trials are research studies that determine the safety and effectiveness of a treatment, device or medical strategy.  Clinical trials allow diseases and their treatments to be studied organically rather than simulated in a laboratory environment.  These trials follow strict scientific standards that produce reliable results while also protecting the patient.

VSH is not currently seeking clients for any clinical trials at this time.

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