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When your client experiences an unexpected emergency or diagnosis, providing the most comprehensive information and treatment options available is critical.  Our goal is to develop a solid partnership with you so that your clients benefit from our multi-disciplinary approach, collective knowledge, diagnostics and specialized equipment to provide the best health outcome possible for your clients.  Our constant communication with you allows for a seamless flow of information whether we are treating an emergency or a more complex, long term illness.

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CE Events

Perioperative, Intraoperative, and Postoperative Pain Management

Presented by:

Brian Trumpatori, DVM, DACVS, Melanie Jarrett. DVM, DACVAA, and Carmella Britt, DVM

Pain management of surgical pain starts well before surgery. Using a multi modal and individualized pain protocol for each patient allows for improved recovery and faster return to function. It is important to address pain in all surgical patients including those who have had orthopedic, neurologic, or soft tissue surgery.

This presentation will cover:

* CRI’s

* Nerve blocks

* How to survive the opioid shortage

* Intraoperative pain management

* Advantages and disadvantages of minimally invasive surgery

* Postoperative pain management

*Soft tissue manipulation such as PROM, effleurage, cryotherapy and heat therapy

Wednesday, May 23rd

VSH Durham

7015 NC Hwy 751

Durham, NC 27707

We are pleased to offer CE events for doctors and veterinary staff at one of our hospitals throughout the year. If you would like to receive invitations to these CE events, please send your email address to Kelly.

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