VSH is a specialty and emergency hospital with a mission to provide expert, collaborative, compassionate care to sick and injured pets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We work in partnership with primary care veterinarians who refer pets who need specialized diagnostics, treatments or procedures much as a doctor would refer you or a family member to a specialist to receive treatment for a specific illness or injury.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality veterinary care possible by acting as an extension of your primary veterinarian. Our team of board-certified specialists in emergency, critical care, surgery, radiology, oncology, cardiology and internal medicine communicate with you and your veterinarian every step of the way from diagnosis to treatment to after care.

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Cardiology Photo


Cardiology focuses on preventing, diagnosing and treating congenital and acquired heart disease. We use advanced diagnostic equipment as well as medical and interventional therapies specific to treating cardiac diseases.

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Critical Care Photo

Critical Care

Critical care specialists provide treatment to critically ill patients who typically require intensive monitoring. Such care is usually offered to animals whose condition is potentially reversible and who have a good chance of survival with adequate support.

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Emergency Photo


ER services are necessary when a pet experiences trauma, injury or develops a sudden illness. Our doctors have extensive training in assessing and treating a broad range of emergency situations such as bleeding, shock and breathing difficulties.

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Internal Medicine Photo

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine deals with diseases of the internal body systems. Our internists specialize in treating pets with disorders that are complicated to diagnose or to treat, multiple body system diseases or have conditions that are not responding to treatment.

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Oncology Photo


The combination of highly trained personnel, specialized equipment such as the linear accelerator, and the equipment necessary to safely administer chemotherapy allows VSH to treat cancer in pets with any combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

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Radiology Photo


Radiologists use x-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound to examine what happens inside a patient’s body noninvasively. Our radiologists assist VSH doctors and primary care veterinarians by guiding imaging needs and providing image interpretation.

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Surgery Photo


Our surgeons work with your veterinarian and other specialty departments at VSH to provide high-quality, comprehensive and cutting edge surgical services. Our goal is to ensure the best treatment, recovery and outcome possible for your pet.

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