Anesthesia Service at VSH


Board certified veterinary anesthesiologist, Melanie Jarrett, joined VSH in August 2017 to oversee a highly skilled nursing team, some who have achieved specialty certification in anesthesia by the nationally recognized veterinary technician specialty association.
Advantages of the Anesthesia Service at VSH include:
High Quality, Individualized Pet Care
  • Dr. Jarrett reviews each pet carefully and tailors an anesthetic plan to meet each pet’s specific needs.
  • Every pet anesthetized at VSH has a dedicated anesthesia nurse caring for them before, during, and after each anesthetic procedure to ensure utmost comfort and safety.
  • The anesthesia service is equipped to handle a variety of pet problems with equipment that allows for advanced monitoring techniques, such as direct blood pressure measurement and blood gas analysis.
Collaborative Pet Care
  • Not all pets require general anesthesia to meet their medical needs. Dr. Jarrett and her team routinely collaborate with the VSH specialists on sedation and analgesic plans for VSH patients.
  • If your pet is under the care of VSH, Dr. Jarrett is happy to speak to with you directlyand answer any questions you may have regarding anesthesia.
Consultation Services:
  • The anesthesia service at VSH is available for consultation with your primary care veterinarian.
Exclusive to VSH:
  • VSH is the only private veterinary hospital in the Triangle with a board certified anesthesiologist on staff.

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