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Emergency Externships

Our emergency team provides 24 hour care for patients that present to emergency service at all three of our locations (Cary, Raleigh, and Durham). Along with having 1-3 emergency clinicians on at any given time, we also typically have 2-3 interns on service. Our veterinarian technicians are solely dedicated to emergency and ICU care. Along with having many RVTs on service, we also have several VTS (Critical Care) on our team. Our diagnostic capabilities include digital radiography, FAST ultrasound (performed by emergency clinician), in-house laboratory equipment (CBC, chemistry, blood gas analyzer, coagulation monitor, snap ELISA tests), and spiral Computed Tomography (CT).

Our externship is clinical in nature and will provide minimal didactic teaching. Students will shadow clinicians and technicians in order to provide the maximum benefit and exposure to emergency care. We hope to provide experience in communication skills, triage, physical examination, organizing patient problem lists, creation of differential diagnoses, and formulation of treatment plans. Ideally, students will shadow clinicians in the exam rooms and listen to discussions of the pet’s problems and treatment plan with the owner. Students can participate in discussions regarding different emergency and critical care cases or scenarios when time allows. Opportunities exist for the senior student to receive hands on exposure with medical procedures. Students who are here for an extended externship will be asked to write up their history and physical examination findings in the medical record of cases assigned to them. While this is a hands-on rotation, and students should be prepared to assist on an as-needed basis, patient contact will be at the discretion of the supervising veterinarian.

For a full externship: We require 40 hours/week including weekend and swing shifts.

To fulfill NC State’s 4 hour emergency experience: We are available M-F 6pm-10pm and Saturday and Sundays from 12pm-4pm or 2pm-6pm. No more than two students are allowed at a time. This rotation does not include exposure to a board-certified specialist.

Lead emergency veterinarians

Kim Piner, DVM.  Chief of Location, Cary

Nick de Silvia, DVM.  Chief of Location, Raleigh

Ashley Miller-Quarles, DVM.  Chief of Location, Durham

If interested in visiting the emergency service at VSH, please contact Dr. Nick de Silvia to schedule a rotation. Please include available dates and times. Thank you for your interest in VSH’s emergency service.

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