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HEALTHY PET: Apollo   HAPPY TAIL: Punches Back

HAPPY TAIL: Punches Back

Meet Apollo, a clever 10-year-old Shepherd Mix, known for trying to trick his parents into extra walks! Apollo’s parents, Kevin & Lynda Lange, noticed that he was having uncharacteristic accidents in the house and decided to bring him to their family vet for tests. An ultrasound revealed a mass and the Lange’s were recommended to VSH.

Dr. Trumpatori and the team at VSH quickly discovered an adrenal tumor that had extended into a large blood vessel in Apollo’s abdomen responsible for bringing blood back to his heart. Apollo underwent lifesaving surgery and soon after made a speedy recovery.

Apollo’s story is another great example of the many #HappyTails made possible by the exceptional team at VSH!

HEALTHY PET: Sebastian   HAPPY TAIL: Unbounded

HEALTHY PET: Sebastian
HAPPY TAIL: Unbounded

Meet Sebastian, a playful and mischievous cat who loves to play with toys and spend time with his parents, Susan and George. One day when George was sifting through papers at home, he turned around to notice a string hanging out of Sebastian’s mouth.

George knew he had to immediately bring Sebastian to VSH. Upon arrival, the staff of VSH was waiting for Susan and George at the door and quickly took action to treat him and remove the string. Sebastian ended up eating over 2 feet of string and made a full recovery.

Thanks to the professional, caring, and quick-acting staff at VSH, Sebastian’s family can share their #HappyTails!

HEALTHY PET: Carson   HAPPY TAIL: Walking Again

HAPPY TAIL: Walking Again

Meet Carson, a spunky 9-year-old Cocker Spaniel. Carson and his mom, Debbie, were in town visiting for the holidays when she noticed that Carson collapsed playing in the backyard. Not getting any better, Debbie took him to VSH that day where they kept him overnight.

Dr. Miles quickly raced to the hospital to help treat Carson, where she diagnosed him with being acutely paralyzed from the neck down. Carson recovered quickly after surgery, being able to stand again just 6 months after the operation. Everyone from the anesthesia and surgery team came together to help Carson get back on his feet.

Now, Carson is fully recovered and able to tell his #HappyTails thanks to the staff at VSH!

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The staff at VSH is dedicated to providing the best quality care to everyone that walks through the door. In our Healthy Pets, Happy Tails series, we’ll be sharing stories from real VSH patients who recovered and were able to share their happy tail thanks to the talented staff at VSH.

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