Neurology Service is now available at VSH

We are pleased to introduce our new neurologist,
Sarita Miles, DVM, DAVCIM (Neurology).

What patients might benefit from referral?

A patient exhibiting one or more of the following:

  • Weakness or paralysis affecting one or more limbs
  • Behavior changes, seizures, disorientation or confusion, unexplained lethargy or dullness
  • Loss of balance, incoordination, head tilt, nystagmus (abnormal eye movements)
  • Resting or intention tremors, dysmetria, or other movement disorders
  • Back, neck or head pain
  • Vision changes, facial nerve paralysis/ paresis, regurgitation, change in bark pitch or tone
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Urinary or fecal incontinence
Why choose VSH Neurology?
Expertise: Pets will be seen and cared for by a Board-Certified Veterinary Neurologist who has years of experience in both private practice and academic settings, and regularly attends Neurology and Neurosurgical conferences to stay up to date on recent developments for diagnostic and therapeutic options, in order to provide the best care for patients.
Excellence: Our goal is to provide excellence in all areas of service including patient care, client service, and in building and maintaining a collaborative relationship with your primary care veterinarian.
Balance: Our Neurology service believes in providing information on all aspects of therapy that are available for patient care. This includes traditional medical or surgical therapy, as well as information on helpful resources for clients who may be interested in integrative therapy.
Individualized care: The neurology service strives to provide compassionate care for all patients and clients. This means developing a diagnostic and therapeutic plan that takes into consideration, the variety of circumstances that may influence decision making for each family and their beloved companion(s).
Collaboration: Our complement of specialists work together as a team. Radiologists, anesthesiologists, criticalists, internists, oncologists, surgeons, nutritionist and our highly trained staff are available as needed to contribute to patient care.
Advanced Diagnostics: We provide safe, expeditious and accurate diagnoses with access to advanced imaging and diagnostics. This includes on site CT and spinal fluid analysis. MRI access is also available. On site MRI is anticipated, early 2018. Used in combination with history and exam findings, these procedures and tests are essential to providing an accurate diagnosis and they play a key role in developing a treatment plan for each pet.

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