Nutrition Services Now Available- Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist Dr. Lindsey Bullen joins VSH

Pet Owner Consultations-
Dr. Bullen is available for consultation, in person or by phone/email, for pet owners in need of nutrition options for their pets. She is conveniently located in our Cary office for those desiring in-person appointments in addition to written consultations. Consultation types include:
1. Courtesy commercial recommendations to owners primary care veterinarians
2. Commercial Feeding options for pets eating voluntarily
3. Homemade diets- 2 patient specific recipes per consult
4. Enteral assisted feeding consult- liquid or blend diets tube feedings
5. Weight loss consultation
6. Homemade diet analysis including supplement and nutraceutical evaluation
7. Commercial diet evaluation
8. Parenteral assisted feeding
Courtesy commercial options-
Based on medical records and diagnostics, a list of appropriate commercial options is provided directly one’s primary care veterinarian. Expected turnaround time 1 business day.
Commercial Feeding consultation-
Appropriate commercial feeding options for pet based on specific health states are provided to pet owner with specific feeding guidelines and monitoring parameters. Direct follow-up with pet owner for any nutrition related concerns or questions is provided. Expected turnaround time for pet owner is 3 business days.
Homemade Diet consultation-
Two patient-specific homemade diet recipes are formulated and provided to pet owner based on individual disease states. Specific cooking directions, feeding guidelines and monitoring parameters are provided. Follow-up with pet owner directly for any nutrition related concerns or questions. Additional recipes can be formulated if desired. Due to detail of diet preparation, expected turnaround time for pet owners is 7 business days.
Enteral assisted feeding consultation-
Based on patients disease process(es), appropriate liquid diets/ liquid diet blends (for nasoenteric or jejunostomy tubes) or slurried diet blends (esophagostomy or gastrostomy tubes), feeding guidelines, and monitoring parameters are provided. Additionally, commercial options for volitional intake are provided (if applicable). If/ when the patient goes home, at-home guidelines will be provided to the pet owner. Direct follow up with the pet owner for any nutrition-related concerns or questions is available. Anticipated turnaround time same day if before 1 pm.
Weight Loss Consultation-
Individualized weight loss plans are provided to the pet owner. Follow-up is done directly with the pet owner with bimonthly weights and check-ins to monitor progress. Due to detail of consult, expected turnaround time for pet owners is 5 business days.
Dr. Lindsey Bullen received her veterinary degree from North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. She then stayed an additional 4 years to complete a small animal rotating internship, a small animal clinical nutrition residency, and a clinical nutrition post-doc. Dr. Bullen has particular interest in clinical nutrition application, specifically: critical care, multi-disease states, and assisted feeding. Though she is no longer in academia, Dr. Bullen also brings experience and a strong passion for teaching.Dr. Bullen currently resides in Apex with her husband and her one-year-old son.

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