Critical Care

Respiratory distress

Respiratory disease and labored breathing is frequently seen by the critical care service. We commonly manage respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, feline asthma, pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs), pulmonary contusions, pneumothorax (air outside of lungs in the chest cavity), and pleural effusion (fluid in the chest cavity).

A diagnostic plan is determined based on the pet’s history and physical exam findings. Typical testing may include bloodwork, arterial blood gas evaluation, evaluation of airway samples via tracheal wash, aspirates of chest fluid, radiographs, ultrasound, and CT scans. We’ll also collaborate with the Internal Medicine department for tests such as bronchoscopy.

Treatment plans are tailored to each patient’s disease process. Oxygen therapy is available for all patients if needed by way of an oxygen cage or nasal oxygen administration.

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